A cyclical view of time in the ring of time by e b white

Cyclical Time or Spiral Time?

A cyclical view of time in the ring of time by e b white

The End of Time: For example, the Hopi in Arizona are now in their Fourth World. This essay focuses on cosmology and cyclical time for three Native American groups. The winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the shortest day of the year.

The winter solstice occurs every year, usually on 21 December but occasionally on 20 December or 22 December: For peoples who use a solar calendar, the winter solstice marks the end of one year and the beginning of a new one. Celebrations often attend the winter solstice and frequently last several days.

In its long form, for example, the Hopi Soyala — winter solstice ceremony — can last 10 days. However, for those who use the Hebrew or the Islamic lunar calendar, the winter solstice is usually of no special importance.

Supposedly, Maya astronomers and mathematicians prophesied there would be an apocalyptic event or events that would bring about or result in the destruction of the world as they knew it.

Edwin Krupp, director of the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, stated in a public lecture in Albuquerque, New Mexico on 16 Junethat, by his count, more than 5, books, articles, movies, DVDs, and other media have been produced on this subject.

They have been around for millennia. Cynics might note that perhaps the Rapture did occur but that neither Mr. Camping nor his followers were worthy of being taken up. As for the Maya prophecy of the end of the world on 21 Decemberthe basic fact, as we shall see, is there is no such prophecy in their archaeological and ethnohistorical records.

Those who argue for such a prediction are either ignorant of or misinformed about Maya archaeology and what the Maya wrote, or are motivated by economic self-interest: The Maya The Maya were among the great astronomer-mathematicians of the ancient world.

They were first observational astronomers, but once they developed their calendrical mathematics system they were able to predict future astronomical events. This probably led to the rise of a priest-astronomer class whose accurate predictions enhanced their power and prestige. Quirigua Stela C It is generally agreed among Mayan scholars that the beginning of the Maya calendar occurred with a mythical creation on 11 August B.

This Long Count date is carved on Stela C pic 6 at the site of Quirigua in eastern Guatemala, but the monument was erected much later, in C. Stela C is one of a pair with Stela A, also erected in C. However, the earliest actual date found so far is on Stela 2 at the site of Chiapa de Corzo in Chiapas, Mexico on the fringe of the Maya area.

The date is 6 December 36 B. Monument 6, Tortuguero, Tabasco It is important to note that nowhere in the Mayan archaeological record of stelae, wall murals and inscriptions, friezes, written documents such as the Dresden Codex, the Book of Chilam Balam, or other data is there any mention of the end of the world.

Indeed, there is only one mention of the winter solstice date of 21 Decemberand it is on Monument 6 at Tortugero, Tabasco, Mexico pic 7. The monument has been broken, and parts of the remaining portion have been effaced and otherwise damaged, so translation of the passage is problematical.

What remains is translated by David Stuart, perhaps the leading Maya epigrapher, to read as follows: It will be the descent?? God s to the?. Perhaps more significantly, it marks the end of the thirteenth pik, the final period of what some believe was a far larger calendrical cycle measuring 1, days that began on 11 August B.

Note, however, that even this so-called Great Cycle in the Long Count is merely a minor component in far larger Maya time periods that theoretically extend backwards and forward in time in a system of ever increasing cycles of time without a beginning or an endpoint. The Maya created the Dresden Codex pic 9a 48, year calendar including a series of lunar calculations with intervals correlating with eclipses and a Venus table that records the apparent movements of the planet.

It also contains almanacs, astronomical and astrological tables, ritual schedules, day ritual calendars, and more.

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It is inconceivable that the Maya would have invested the enormous astronomical and mathematical effort, to say nothing of the actual writing of the codex, if they believed the world would end 1, years in the future the Dresden Codex is an 11th —12th century Yucatec Maya document.

In short, there is no Maya prediction of the end of the world on 21 December For example, the stone calendar wheel, probably the best-known Aztec artifact, contains a year cycle called Xiuhmolpilli The Binding of the Years.

The end of this cycle was celebrated at the New Fire ceremony, a ritual held every 52 years to prevent the end of the world. It last occurred in and would have been held again in had not Cortez led the Spanish invasion and conquest that ended Aztec rule in central Mexico.

Their ceremony had been held for decades, and at the end the Sun had risen each time. There may have been some anxiety about the outcome of the rite, but we find no archaeological or ethnohistorical evidence that the Aztec expected failure and the subsequent destruction of the world.E.

A cyclical view of time in the ring of time by e b white

B. White argues that the only common sense is a sense of change. He describes time as something that does not travel in a circle. Pier 92, San Francisco, California, USA, Bayview Rise is an illuminated mural on the grain elevator and silos of Port Pier 92, at the north entry to San Francisco’s Bayview Neighborhood.

The sample rhetorical analysis that follows takes a look at an essay by E. B. White titled "The Ring of Time"--found in our Essay Sampler: Models of Good Writing (Part 4) and accompanied by a reading quiz. That said, if you have already read "The Ring of Time," you should be able to skip over the.

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