Ap european renaissance essay questions

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Ap european renaissance essay questions

Most of the renaissance was centered in Italy, but eventually spread to the rest of Europe.

Ap european renaissance essay questions

Before the renaissance there was feudalism a set of legal and military customs that flourished between the 9th and 15th centuries. Broadly defined, it was a system for structuring society around relationships derived from the holding of land in exchange for service or labour. However, through many economic and social developments in Northern Italy, it allowed the transition from feudalism to the era of the Renaissance.

Economic developments in Northern Italy created the setting for the renaissance in many ways.

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The development of money is one way the setting of the renaissance was created. In the 13th century, paper money became known in Europe through the accounts of travelers, such as Marco Polo.

In medieval Italy, money traders started using promissory notes, which can be seen as a predecessor to regular banknotes. People could also trade items much easier and also opened many other doors to change the economy.

Another economic development was banking, which would give out loans, handled money,traded cities, and also made very powerful families. The most powerful of these families was the house of Medici, that produced four popes, two regent queens of france, and was once estimated the most wealthiest family in Europe for a period of time.

Italian City states also become large trading metropolises,that were able to conquer independence from their formal sovereigns. The Main ones were: Also florins which were from the city of Florence, which was the currency became a common item for trading in many parts of Europe.

Perhaps the biggest economic development in Northern Italy was trade system which developed through the Italian city states to many parts of the globe. Another way the setting of the renaissance was created was social development in Northern Italy.

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One social development was Patronages who were rich upper or middle class people who would give money and support to artists and intellectuals. Because of the development of money, people started to have left over money and one way to spend their money was to become a patron.

They would hire artists such as Michelangelo to paint for them, who then would create renaissance art. The social guilds was a social development that were secular corporations that controlled the arts and trades in Italy from the twelfth into the sixteenth century. The lords of the Italian city states were called Signoria.

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They had governing authority and considered very powerful; during the medieval and renaissance periods. On the other hand there was the common people that were called Popolo, who wanted a greater say on how Italy was run. Communes also played a huge role, they were sworn allegiances of mutual defense both physical defense and of traditional freedoms among the citizens of a town or city.

They were real city-states based on partial democracy. One famous condottieri family is the house of Sforza, which used that military position to become rulers in Milan.

As you can see from above, the setting of the renaissance was developed in Northern Italy through many economic and social developments, which allowed the transition from feudalism to the era of the Renaissance.Essays Ch 10 Due. 3. Discussion Questions CH 10 Due.

Oct 1 TENTATIVE TEST CH Oct 2 Ch 12(McKay) Vocab Quiz. Oct 5 1st Research Project Due (Europe Map) Euro AP Vocabulary. Vocab Quizzes are always on the first day of a new chapter. The first Vocab Quiz will cover the Prologue and CH 9; it will be on September 4, & CH 10 September How did the Italian Renaissance differ from the Renaissance of the 12 c?

Ap european renaissance essay questions

According to Castiglione, what are the basic attributes of the Renaissance courtier? How did the values of this courtier influence the development of a modern aristocratic class in Western Europe? Jul 26,  · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. ashio-midori.com is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want.

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Prompt: Explain the origins of the Protestant Reformation. Europe’s Renaissance of the late s through roughly allowed for the growth and development of many new ideas. These ranged from.

Past Essay Questions To what extent is the term "Renaissance" a valid concept for s distinct period in early modern European history? Explain the ways in which Italian Renaissance humanism transformed ideas about the individual's role in society.

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