Comparing the presantation of conflict in

The American Navy dominated the sea.

Comparing the presantation of conflict in

When Moses, the zealot of the law, heard the law of fire given unto the chastisement of sinners from the midst of the fire of the zeal of God, it was amazing indeed.

It is more wonderful that in our day the humble and meek in spirit should hear the voice of Jesus Christ, God and man, even as Elijah once heard it in the sound of a gentle breeze.

First came the fear of God like that great wind rending the mountains and crushing the rocks of hardened hearts. It was followed by an upheaval of penance that threw human hearts into a turmoil for the sake of their salvation.

Then came the fire of divine charity, shining in the gospel of Christ and giving clear evidence both of his great love for his own, for he delivered himself to death for them lest they suffer eternal death, and of their love for him, for they deliver themselves up, one might say, for his glory.

Now follows the sound of God's gentle mercy summoning all people out of the feverish heat of sin into the peaceful breeze of his mercy through the prayers and merits of the Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercy. In this breeze, the Lord, whose nature it is to be merciful, manifests his omnipotent divinity through his great and exalted compassion so that all those who have despised his mercy, so gently and so sweetly displayed, will be left without excuse when God's judgment is made known.

It is not to be believed that the evil spirit can deceive those who are truly just or convert sinners to the good or that he is able to infuse into cold hearts the love that he himself lacks or that he advances in any way the glory of God whom he envies.

The inevitable error then results that evil is attributed to God and good to the devil, that the devil is held to be the prince and guide of the just and that God is blasphemed as protecting and encouraging the impious. First, all things that are truly evil insofar as they bring about eternal death, such as lust, greed, and pride.

Then, too, false goods, such as the habit of vainglory in self-ostentation, or cowardice in defending justice, or being eager to judge others with a bitter zeal.

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Accordingly, the truly righteous person is humble by reason of virtue, firm by reason of humility, calm by reason of firmness of soul. He does not shrink from the defense of justice out of cowardice and so, as a result, is not overcome by the ill will of other people.

He does not allow his soul to succumb to any kind of distress and lose its proper seating in reason through impatient fervor. Even when Jesus Christ said to the Father in the midst of the sadness and distress of his mental agony: The great wind is vainglory that rends every outstanding virtue, as represented by the mountains, along with all constancy, as represented by the firmness of the rocks.

The dread of threats and persecutors leaves the heart so shaken that it yields to human ruthlessness. This is obvious in the case of the Pharisee who boasted of his own righteousness and burned with fiery indignation against the publican[ 3 ] just as Simon did, too, regarding Mary Magdalene.

While still living in matrimony, she got her husband to practice perfect continence so that they lived together for many years without either demanding or receiving the dues of marriage.

While she was still married, she preferred a widow's sobriety in her clothing and food. Her interior devotion and constancy in prayer gave early indications in her of a great perfection of piety and grace in the future.

A poor woman following a poor man, Christ, she kept nothing for herself but mean clothing and simple food. This is why, having rejected all worldly consolation, she was visited by Christ with wonderful consolations and graces. She would have preferred to remain hidden out of humility, had she not been commanded to reveal herself to certain people out of obedience to the Spirit, or, rather, to Christ, who appeared to her in spirit.

By enduring insults and abuse, she wished to add to the glory of Christ. By her truthfulness, meekness, and justice she gave expression to Christ's way of life in her own life, allowing herself to be hurt by low and despicable persons who did so gratuitously and with impunity. Who would dare to accuse Jesus Christ of being so heartless as not to protect someone who had placed her hope in him and glorified not herself but him out of her great love for him?

Would a good husband expose his chaste and faithful wife to the seductions of an adulterer? Make room for God's grace and glory! His grace and glory are known to be so much the greater the more incredible they appear to our ignorance and to our mediocre faith.

Indeed, unless guided by the grace of the same Spirit, who could believe that Christ, who resides in heaven, would speak to a woman still living in this mortal condition? Physical distance cannot disqualify a vision of this kind. O most admirable and wonderful grace and apparition, worthy of being revealed to every nation under heaven!

Through it Jesus Christ, whom Christians have scourged and wounded so sorely that the seeds of righteousness are scarcely to be found remaining in them, displays mercy to the ungrateful and gently leads the accused to implore his forgiveness.

His body presented itself outwardly to bodily eyes, but in this apparition the God and man are presented to spiritual eyes. In this he who lives forever speaks to those who are about to die in order to make them immortal.arfa final Final Presentation - Team Dx, Eye-Heme, May 12, Pallor.

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Comparing the Presantation of Conflict in the Charge of the Light Brigade and Anthem for Doomed Youth Topics: Alfred, Lord Tennyson Pages: 3 ( words) Published: March 25, Compare the presentation of conflict in ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’ by Alfred Tennyson and ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’ by Wilfred Owen.

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I used these pictures that children could relate to in order to work out the time problems.

Comparing the presantation of conflict in

Children could go on to create their own using programmes that they watch regularly.

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