Comparing the unlikely

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Comparing the unlikely

Conceit Conceit Definition Conceit is a figure of speech in which two vastly different objects are likened together with the help of similes or metaphors.

Conceit develops a comparison which is exceedingly unlikely but is, nonetheless, intellectually imaginative. A comparison turns into a conceit when the writer tries to make us admit a similarity between two things of whose unlikeness we are strongly conscious.

For this reason, conceits are often surprising. He finds her weeping and says: The comparison is an extended metaphor in which he compares her eyes to a sea, her tears to a storm, her sighs to the stormy winds, and her body to a boat in a storm.

Comparing the unlikely

Forbidding Mourning By John Donne The term conceit usually brings to mind certain examples from metaphysical poets of the 17th century. Of these, John Donne stands out as the best exponent of the use of metaphysical conceits.

John Donne, in his poem A Valediction: And though it in the center sit, Yet, when the other far doth roam, It leans, and hearkens after it, And grows erect, as that comes home. He compares her soul to the fixed foot, and his to the other foot.

He says the bodies of lovers may be separate like the two legs of a compass, but are always joined at the top that reminds us of the spiritual union of the two lovers. Function of Conceit Because conceits make unusual and unlikely comparisons between two things, they allow readers to look at things in a new way.

Similes and metaphors may explain things vibrantly, but they tend to become boring at times because of their predictable nature. Conceits, on the other hand, surprise and shock readers by making farfetched comparisons. Hence, conceit is used as a tool in literature to develop interest in readers.Introduction to Christianity Comparing the beliefs of Roman Catholics & conservative Protestants Sponsored link.

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