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Register for Events Famous People Even though the cities of Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, and East Cleveland have grown up around what was once open country side, the rural atmosphere that existed when Lake View was founded in continues to be preserved and cultivated. Lake View is a memorial to those who built our community, from titans of industry and civic leaders, to immigrant laborers and descendants of slaves.

Famous people

In his early investigations, he gained the trust and confidence of many women, who revealed their troubles to him.

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Freud initially believed his patients and recognized the significance of their confessions. Inwith the publication of two works, The Aetiology of Hysteria and Studies on Hysteria, he announced that he had solved the mystery of the female neurosis. At the origin of every case of hysteria, Freud asserted, was a childhood sexual trauma.

But Freud was never comfortable with this discovery, because of what it implied about the behavior of respectable family men. Recognizing the implicit challenge to patriarchal values, Freud refused to identify fathers publicly as sexual aggressors.

Though in his private correspondence he cited "seduction by the father" as the "essential point" in hysteria, he was never able to bring himself to make this statement in public.


Scrupulously honest and courageous in other respects, Freud falsified his incest cases. In The Aetiology of Hysteria, Freud implausibly identified governessss, nurses, maids, and children of both sexes as the offenders.

In Studies in Hysteria, he managed to name an uncle as the seducer in two cases. Many years later, Freud acknowledged that the "uncles" who had molested Rosaslia and Katharina were in fact their fathers. Though he had shown little reluctance to shock prudish sensibilities in other matters, Freud claimed that "discretion" had led him to suppress this essential information.

Famous people

Even though Freud had gone to such lengths to avoid publicly inculpating fathers, he remained so distressed by his seduction theory that within a year he repudiated it entirely. His correspondence of the period revealed that he was particularly troubled by awareness of his own incestuous wishes toward his daughter, and by suspicions of his father, who had died recently.Famous People Who Use Propecia!

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We’d all love to be as successful as kitchen icon Betty Crocker, as prolific as Nancy Drew author Carolyn Keene, or as legendary as the great King Arthur.

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