Mini research of sla

History[ edit ] 3D Systems was founded in Valencia, California by Chuck Hullthe inventor and patent-holder of the first stereolithography SLA rapid prototyping system.

Mini research of sla

As a language which is Mini research of sla by more than a half of population in the world, English holds the key as international language. English is a tool of communication among peoples of the world to get trade, social-cultural, science, and technology goals.

Moreover, English competence is important in career development, therefore students need to understand and use English to improve their confidence to face global competition. English as a formal subject is given to junior high school SMP level, which the goals are translated as follows: The fact shows that the result of teaching learning English is still low.

The students have learned English from the first-grade of junior high school until senior high school, but most of them still cannot use English as tool of communication. Zamroni in Somantri found that it not only happened to the students who have score below five, but the students who have score over eight in junior high school can not use English in real communication in their level.

Besides, their receptive skills are also below the expectation. For example, the students who have graduated from senior high school, they still find difficulty in reading English literatures Balitbang Depdiknas, These failures are influenced by many factors.

According to Zamroni in Somantriit happens because of the education system at school just transfer the dead knowledge where the knowledge is separated from the application.

Teachers teach materials that will be tested. The goal is that the students get good score in the final test. While Ali in Ant-O2 argues that the low of the students quality in teaching and learning English happens because the students are used to memorizing and doing multiple choice assignment.

Both of arguments above show that the process of teaching and learning English is not so support the improvement of life skills. Students can get good score in the final test and they can memorize the theory well but they cannot use English in real communication.

Assessment is one of important thing that has important role in education. The importance of assessment in education is stated by Hughes who says that the proper relationship between teaching and assessment is partnership.

By assessment process teacher can discover how far students have achieved the objectives of a course of study. Teacher also can use the result of assessment to analyze which material that should be explained again and which instruments that should be repaired. Besides, assessment is useful for the students to motivate in teaching learning process.

Based on the earlier observation, researcher finds that most of teachers still use traditional assessment. The students are given some tasks in the form of multiple choice, do the LKS, practice a dialog in textbook and another task, which make the students as a passive subject.

Traditional assessment includes multiple-choice questions and asking students to respond questions with short answers. Many kinds of task are given in order the students can respond the questions with correct answers in the final test. The product of learning is more emphasized then the process it self.

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Teacher gives quizzes and tests to assess cognitive aspect only. These indicators are put on the list and documented in a file. From the collection, teacher assesses skill of the students. Teacher turns the students to see their ability in learning by using portfolio and turns the students to be careful in doing the work, pay attention to the error in their work and correct the error.

Furthermore, it might be able to help the teachers and the students understand benefits and weakness of using portfolio assessment. It also can be a reference for further research, especially a research about portfolio assessment.

Its purpose is to know whether the students have understood the subject that is learned or not.


Certain grade is used to decide the understanding degree of the students to the subject. If the students get a good grade at the test, it means that they passed.

This notion is the traditional notion of assessment Budimansyah, From those notions of assessment, it is clear that traditional purpose of teaching and learning process is in order the students can respond the questions with correct answers.

Mini research of sla

This is seldom requiring students to apply what they know and can do in real-life situations. It encourages instruction of less important skills and passive learning.3. pd tgl 13 mei akan dipresentasikan didepan kelas dg menyerahkan sebelumnya power point dan mini research nya pd ketua kelas dalam satu folder.

3D printing or additive manufacturing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. The creation of a 3D printed object is achieved using additive processes. DIY High Resolution 3D DLP Printer (3D SLA Printer): Hello World (skip the first two pages to go directly to the build) I have to admit that I have not been active on Instructables for quite a while now, this because we (yes it is we now:D) have been busy developing a 3D printer.

A 3D dlp printer. This Monoprice Mini Deluxe SLA Resin UV 3D Printer is my first foray into resin 3D printing. Although I have been 3D printing with filament printers for 3 years now, there was still a learning curve with this printer because the process is very different.

The Missouri colony is MHC haplotype-defined for transplantation studies (MHC genes of these lines have been cloned and sequenced for the SLA class I and class II and the characterizations of allele-specific monoclonal antibodies).

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