Osim s financial report 2006


Osim s financial report 2006

What is the nature of business undertaken by the company? It has a wide product line that is diversified across four business themes: Health, Hygiene, Nutrition and Fitness. Its activities involve marketing, franchising and selling.

Consolidated Profit and Loss statement, page What is meant by the term "revenue recognition"?

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Revenue Recognition is a concept that revenues are recognized in the time frame they are earned. In other words, a company should not recognize revenue until realized or realizable and earned by the company. Revenue must be realized when the service is finished or the transaction is completed.

When does a company recognize revenue? Revenue is generally considered realized when cash is received for the sale of a product or performance of a service net of goods and services tax and discounts.

Revenue This happens when a promise to pay is received in exchange for the sale of a product or performance of a service. The promise to pay could be verbal account receivable or written note receivable. Revenue is generally earned when a legally enforceable exchange takes place e.

For different kind of revenue, OSIM recognize it differently; Note 2, page For sales revenues, they are recognized net of goods and services tax and discounts when goods have been delivered and accepted by the customer. For franchise fees, they are recognised upon the performance of services as stipulated in the franchise agreements.

For rental and interest income, they are recognised on a time-apportioned basis.

Osim s financial report 2006

For Group turnover, they excludes intercompany transactions and turnover of associated companies. Their method are quite conservative and conservatism is a good thing in the accounting industry as it prevents over estimating figures. Meaning, it fulfils the accrual principle - record a business activity as soon as it affects the financial position of the entity, regardless of whether it affects cash and this is what OSIM did.

It allows the company to accurately record its financial status. What percentage of total assets does the company hold as accounts receivable at the end of the financial year?

For year endedOSIM has How does this compare to the previous year? The decrease in percentage is due to the fact that the increase in total assets from to is significantly higher than the percentage increase in accounts receiveable.

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The ups and downs of Downing Street Founded by Ron Sim inthe company underwent a revamp to bring in healthcare product in and continue positioning itself as the market leader in home health-care product in its major market in Asia today. Using the Du Pont financial ratio, ROE is the multiplication of net profit margin x asset turnover x equity multiplier.

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OSIM International Ltd. OSIM Financial Data ∗Free Cash Flow to Firm (FCFF) ∗OSIM management has emphasized its dedication to cash-flow generation.

(Annual Report) Revenue less affected by economic downturn. Title: Microsoft PowerPoint - OSIM International Ltd (1) Author.

The following’s a quick summary of OSIM’s latest financial figures: OSIM’s revenue for the fourth quarter was down 5% year-on-year, coming in at $ million.

For the full year, revenue was down by 10% to $ million. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for OSIM iGallop Core and Abs Exerciser at ashio-midori.com Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

Osim’s Financial Report. 1. What is the nature of business undertaken by the company? OSIM is a Singapore-based international brand marketing business famous for its flagship luxury massage chairs that aims to be the world’s leading healthy lifestyle product manufacturers.

Osim International Ltd. is a publicly traded company. PrivCo specializes in private companies, but includes records on public companies like Osim International Ltd.

solely for their private market activity (such as investments into and acquisitions of .

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