Pestel analysis of maxis

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Pestel analysis of maxis

Discuss about the Capital Structure and Liquidity Analysis. Introduction This study aims to identify and analyze the liquidity positions and profitability of the two popular telecommunication companies in Malaysia. These companies are — Axiata Group Berhad and Maxis.

Both of these companies are listed under Bursa Malaysia. The study provides a systematic flow of discussion and analysis.

After identifying the liquidity and profitability of the two companies separately based on the financial ratios, the study performs a comparison between the performances of the two companies.

Brief overview of the companies: Axiata Group started its business in The mission of the company is providing better connectivity through innovative technology and within the affordable price range Axiata. The vision statement of the company states that it wants to be the best telecommunication service provider in Asia.

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Currently, the company deals with three products or services — mobile network, digital internet and network Pestel analysis of maxis Axiata.

Maxis incorporated its business in and initially it was named as Maxis Software. It is one of the most popular telecommunication companies in Malaysia as well as overall market in Asia Maxis. The mission statement states that Maxis aims to remain the best integrated telecommunication service provider in the nation Maxis.

On the other side, the vision of the company is bringing the future to its customers in a simple, enriching and personalized manner through high quality and innovative technology Maxis. Explanation on liquidity and profitability ratios Liquidity and profitability are the best indicators of the financial performances of the companies.

Maintaining the liquidity at a standard level is very important for every company because the decisions investors and other stakeholders highly depend on it.

Pestel analysis of maxis

If the investors find low liquidity of a company, then they do not want to invest their money or fund in that company because there remains liquidity risk. At the same time, the net working capital also indicates the liquidity of the company.

The formulas for calculating these ratios and net working capital are shown below: Each of the above mentioned liquidity ratio is very useful for the companies. The current ratio, quick ratio and net working capital indicate the financial strength of the company in short-run.

Considering the two ratios the management and the other stakeholders can easily understand the level of liquidity risk of a particular company Sarkar, If the ratios are high, then it is considered that the liquidity risk is low and if the ratios are low, then the liquidity risk is high.

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Apart from these, the current and quick ratios also show the efficient of management satisfying the creditors of the company. Profitability is another major indicator of the financial performance standard of a company. The profitability of a company can be measured by identifying or calculating different ratios like, gross profit ratio, net profit ratio, return on assets, return on equity and earnings per share Halim, The formulas of these profitability ratios are shown below: The profitability ratios are also very useful for the companies while measuring their financial performances.

At the same time, the gross margin and net margin indicate the profit earning capacity of the company in a particular financial year. Therefore, the profitability must be identified for each company to identify its performance standard.

Computation and interpretation of the liquidity and profitability ratios of Axiata Group Berhad In the above it has been identified liquidity and profitability ratios are the indicators of the financial performance of a company. Therefore, in order to identify the performance standard of Axiata Group Berhad, here, the liquidity and profitability ratios of the company are calculated.

The liquidity and profitability ratios of Axiata Group Berhad are shown below:Uni Assignment Centre helping international students since Here at Uni Assignment Centre we provide a wide range of assignment and dissertation writing services to help students succeed in their academic studies.

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Pestel Analysis For Digi