R a 7722 ched

CHED, an attached agency to the Office of the President for administrative purposes, is headed by a chairperson and four commissioners, each having a term of office of four years. Part of the reforms was the trifocalization of the education sector into three governing bodies:

R a 7722 ched

Arcilla — Judge Aquilino P.

R a 7722 ched

Lylia Corporal-Sena — Dr. Fay Lea Patria M. Lauraya - Dr. Arcilla — [ edit ] Born April 3, at Calolbon, Catanduaneshistorian and lawyer.

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Supervised the construction of the Administration Building. Organized the College of Engineering in Established the College of Arts and Sciences in Opened the College of Nursing in Bonto — [ edit ] [6] Law professor, religious leader. Born December 24, in Legazpi City. Bachelor of Laws Ll. Established the Center for Cultural Studies.

Decentralized administrative and financial management. Plotted medium-term development plan of BU.

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Opened Master in Economics course in Graduate School. Lorenzo — [ edit ] Educator and leader. Born in TabacoAlbay, grew up in MalinaoAlbay.

Master of Arts in Education and Doctor of Philosophy both from the same university. Lylia Corporal-Sena — [ edit ] Biography: The Board of Regents authorized the creation of the Center for Peace and Security Studies and offered academic programs: Forged a twinning relationship with the Sripatum University in Bangkok in to develop programs, seminars, exchange and visits that could promote the educational, social and economic well being of students, faculty and the people they serve.

Set up a consortium up between the University and the Camarines Sur Polytechnic College to enhance the teaching competency of the faculty and upgrade their educational qualifications.The authority of CHED to set standards and monitor the performance of maritime education programs and institutions – CHED, under Section 8 [e] of RA is .

It was established on May 18, It was formed through Republic Act No. or the Higher Education Act of It was authored by Senator Francisco Tatad. It was part of a broad agenda for reforms in the country's education system, outlined by the Congressional Commission on Education (EDCOM) in (R.A) otherwise known as the Higher Education Act of which state that “The State shall protect, foster and promote the right of all citizens to affordable quality education at all levels” (Section 2); “its coverage shall be both public and private institutions of higher education.

“Revised Policies, Standards, and Guidelines for BSCS, BSIS, and BSIT Programs” CHED to offer the ITE programs. All HEIs with existing ITE programs must shift to outcomes based education RA –In designing the curricula, the Technical Committees employed curriculum maps which are. The year indicates the year when CHED was created by law.

On May 18, , CHED was established through Republic Act No. , otherwise known as the “Higher Education Act ” The CHED is an Attached. In accordance with the pertinent provisions of Republic Act (R.A.) , otherwise known as the ” Higher Education Act of “, this office hereby endorses the above undertaking organized by the Ladlad Caraga, Inc.

(LCI) for the support and participation of .