Report writing about project mc2

Historical oddities or anomalous news stories especially attracted my interest, lingering in my mind for years to come. I was home, sick, and watching television, sipping an endless stream of the chicken noodle soup that my mother always made for me when I was ill. My mother sat on the sofa, sewing and watching her shows.

Report writing about project mc2

Golden Age[ edit ] Namor the Sub-Mariner first appeared in April in the prototype for a planned giveaway comic titled Motion Picture Funnies Weeklyproduced by the comic book packager Funnies Inc. When the giveaway idea fell through, creator Bill Everett used the character for Marvel Comics 1, the first comic book by Funnies, Inc.

Namor's first cover appearance: Marvel Mystery Comics 4 Feb. Art by Alex Schomburg. In his first appearances Namor was an enemy of the United States. Comics historian Les Daniels noted that "Namor was a freak in the service of chaos.

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Although the Sub-Mariner acted like a villain, his cause had some justice, and readers reveled in his assaults on civilization.

His enthusiastic fans weren't offended by the carnage he created as he wrecked everything from ships to skyscrapers. Namor starred in the Golden Age comic book Sub-Mariner Comics, published quarterly, then thrice-yearly, and finally bimonthly, from issues 1—32 Fall — June Along with many other Timely characters, Namor disappeared a few years after the end of World War II and the decline in popularity of superhero comics.

Both these super-groups were built around the core of Namor, Captain America, and the original Human Torch. The Sub-Mariner experienced a brief revival in the mids at Atlas Comicsthe s iteration of Marvel.

A planned live-action television program starring Namor did not appear and the revival of the comic book series was cancelled a second time. Finding it destroyed from nuclear testingNamor assumes his people are scattered and that he will never find them.

He again becomes an antihero during this period, as two elements — a thirst for vengeance and a quest for identity — would dominate the Sub-Mariner stories of the s. He was both a villain and a hero — striking against the human race who destroyed his home, but showing a great deal of noblesse oblige to individuals.

Cover art by John Buscema and Sol Brodsky. Initially, Namor variously finds himself allied with the supervillains Doctor Doom and Magnetobut his royal nobility and stubborn independent streak make these alliances-of-convenience short-lived.

Namor's revival was a hit with readers, but Marvel could not give him his own title due to publication and distribution restrictions that would not be lifted until He was spun off into his own title, the —74 series Sub-Mariner.

By now more of a reluctant superhero "the Sub-Mariner was perfect for the Marvel Age of angst-ridden protagonists. Noble yet misunderstood, powerful yet thwarted Namor, the Sub-Mariner, which ran 62 issues April — Maywas initially written and penciled by John Byrne who took over the inking as well from issues 4— After three fill-in issues, the remainder of the series was written by Glenn Herdling and pencilled by Geof Isherwood.

DeMatteis saw his series as an opportunity to explore Namor much more deeply than he had been able to in the team book The DefendersJohn Byrne felt that the character did not work well outside of a group context and accordingly gave Namor, the Sub-Mariner a massive supporting cast.

A six-issue miniseries, Sub-Mariner vol. Namor was featured in his own ongoing series, Namor: The First Mutant, in Other groups he was associated with included the Avengers ; and both the World War II and modern-day versions of the Invaders.

report writing about project mc2

Marvel revived The Defenders, with Namor on the team, in December He became one of the main characters, along with the other Illuminati members, in the third volume of New Avengers beginning in Fictional character biography[ edit ] As related in Marvel Comics 1 cover-dated Oct. His mother was Emperor Thakorr's daughter, Fen, and his father an American sea captain, Leonard McKenzie, of the icebreaker Oracle; they had fallen in love and married aboard ship while she was, unbeknownst to him, spying on the human intruders.

When Fen did not return, Atlantean warriors attacked the Oracle, evidently killing McKenzie, and returned Fen to her kingdom. The pink-skinned mutant Namor was subsequently born among the blue-skinned Atlanteans.

He became the Prince of Atlantis, and a warrior for his people against the "surface-dwellers". In flashback stories beginning in the s, he was retconned as a member of the Allied superhero team the Invadersconsisting originally of himself, Captain AmericaBuckythe original Human Torchand Toro.

Namor is injured after the war, and in Fantastic Four 4 is shown living in the flophouse Bowery district of Manhattan as an amnesiac derelict. Regaining his memory in this story, he becomes enraged upon learning that the original site of Atlantis was destroyed by nuclear testing, its inhabitants evacuated.Dec 18,  · Now you can perform an experiment at home with Project Mc2™ leader, McKeyla McAlister™.

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