University of pennsylvania admission essay

So, we were not at all surprised to see that Wharton has maintained the prompt for its first essay, which requires applicants to explain their professional rationale for wanting to go to Wharton. Connect with students and alumni, attend admissions events, and especially, visit the campus if possible to get the kind of in-depth insight that will show the admissions committee you are really serious about Wharton and are confident you belong there. What do you hope to gain professionally from the Wharton MBA? Watch the short video below before you continue reading the full analysis!

University of pennsylvania admission essay

Common household features such as the existence of stairs within a house were thought of as decadent luxuries representative of the incredibly wealthy. My life was simple. At fve years old, it was differentiated by two things, the times I was with my mother and the times I was not.

My single mother was a chemist and professor at the University of Beijing. Even at a young age, she distinguished herself from her peers with her remarkable ambition and intense passion for learning. From growing up in the frigid winds of northern Mongolia, to becoming one of three students to earn a full scholarship to China's most competitive university, to working as a government-sponsored chemist in goslar, germany, my mother accomplished more before I was born than most people achieved in a lifetime.

Unfortunately, I would not learn of the fabulous successes and arduous trials of my mother until much, much later. All I could understand or not understand at fve years old was why my mother was rarely home, why I did not see her for three months during the summer when I lived with my grandparents, and why I was forced to go to a daycare owned by a tyrannical monster who would tell ghost stories to make me cry.

Even now, much of my knowledge about my mother's early life is something I am still piecing together. As was the case then, my full understanding of her brilliant yet ill-tempered persona is continually hindered by the simple troubles of life.

Although now, they are the issues of an eighteen-year old teenager rather than those of a fve-year old child. I remember nights we would spend together when she was busy with her research and classes; I would sit in a desk next to her, drawing pictures and imagine that I was her personal assistant.

I also remember times when I had to stay home alone because she had a lecture to give or errands to run; I would lean against the window sill staring down into the bleak, concrete streets waiting and watching for the return of a petite form in a bright red jacket.

Yet despite the forlorn days and the lonely nights, I feel neither regret nor resentment towards those early years or my mother.

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On the contrary, I am incredibly proud and grateful for all the diffculties she endured in order to raise me properly. Had it not been for my childhood experiences, I would not have matured at such an early age or developed such a strong sense of independence.

We moved to America in the spring of The transition of cultures was daunting yet it failed to dishearten my mother. Like every other experience in her life, she treated the move as an opportunity. However, even my mother was not immune to the overwhelming cultural shock, and despite her perseverance and accomplishments, she continually struggled with the language barrier and the difference in societal values.

While my mother was forced to labor against such changes, my young age enabled me to adapt quickly to the new environment. Unfortunately, my "Americanization" has caused a great deal of mystifcation and incomprehension in my mother.

Her lack of encouragement for my participation in athletics and her excessive emphasis on my grades have been both frustrating and upsetting. From my gregarious nature and social outings to my obdurate refusals to comply with her every long-established demand, she has been forced to accept the evolution of her daughter from that of Chinese doll to American teenager.

My mother's persistence and endurance are qualities which I have proudly assumed and carried with me in every activity of my life.

From facing the ignorant racisms of elementary classmates to the malicious jealousies of middle school peers, I have never doubted or second guessed the work ethic and moral code that she instilled in me.

Her resourcefulness has also been highly infuential and taught me of the importance of seeking opportunities. Whether it was working along side Philadelphia Inquirer journalists or researching marketing strategies for a startup company, I have learned and developed with each success and letdown encountered throughout my middle and high school years.

The diffculties of my mother and the diffculties that I faced in two countries on two continents continue to defne and shape my personality and character. As mother and daughter continue along the journey of life, I hope that she can come to accept and embrace the daughter whom she has so diligently raised while I hope to slowly unravel the full mystery that is my mother and, one day, fnally comprehend and appreciate the entirety of her effect on my life.

Essay Analysis With an impressive vocabulary and keen sense of refection, Lisa has written an essay that conveys the story of her unique upbringing across two very different cultures. This essay weaves together Lisa's history and personality with that of her mother.

University of pennsylvania admission essay

Like Timothy's essay "Self Mind," Chapter 7Lisa balances information about herself with that of descriptions about her mother.University of Pennsylvania GPA Requirements. Many schools specify a minimum GPA requirement, but this is often just the bare minimum to submit an application without immediately getting rejected.

Take a look at the main features of the University of Pennsylvania: Apart from being a member of the Ivy League as a prestigious private research university, the University .

Top 6 Successful UPenn Essays These college essays are from students who got accepted at University of Pennsylvania. Use them to get inspiration for your own essays and knock the socks off those admissions officers! University of Pennsylvania Wharton School Essay Analysis, – Often spurned at the last minute for Harvard Business School (HBS), the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and, at times, Columbia Business School, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, possibly more than any other top MBA program, really wants to know that.

University of Pennsylvania Application Essay Sample,College Admission Essay on Racial or Cultural Differences Activities Essay by Romit Bhattacharya I'm tired and a little bit desperate. My clock angrily glares at me through its neon green dial.

It's. University of Pennsylvania Admission Essay Help from Professionals! Articles, Tips, Samples, Requirements. Take a look at the main features of the University of Pennsylvania: Apart from being a member of the Ivy League as a prestigious private research university, the University of Pennsylvania can boast of the other peculiarities as well.

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