Using hypnosis to improve your golf

Hypnosis For Golf Hypnosis For Golf, a unique, proven approach to develop the mental side of your game….

Using hypnosis to improve your golf

Hypnosis - The Road to a More Successful You May Be All in Your Mind

The pages of a new golf ebook are dedicated to the mental side of golf or, more specifically, to the use of self-hypnosis for control of the mechanical action of the golf swing. The use of self-hypnosis for golf is a new concept and one that will help you, the golfer with all phases of your game.

You will learn about the simplest, most effective technique ever devised to help you reduce your score. Self-hypnosis helps the golfer to attain the subconscious feel which is imperative to good golf.

The subconscious feel has been described as the rhythm you have during a practice swing, or that sweet feeling when a stroke is played right. Any conscious effort usually produces muscle tension. This is what is meant when you are told you are trying too hard.

Your conscious mind is so concerned with the mechanical movements and your desire to hit the ball that it repeatedly produces muscle tension. It is what golfers call freezing on a shot.

The sound, authoritative instructions for using self-hypnosis to improve your golf game are presented in a clear, logical sequence and packed with new golf aids in the book, How You Can Play Better Golf Using Self-Hypnosis, by Jack Heise.THE QATSPY GOLFER’S PAGE By: Charles W.

Boatright The subconscious mind is the unsung hero in your golf game and other activities we engage in on a regular basis. The subconscious mind is the mental horsepower and the very soul behind our golf game. One of the biggest advantages that the [ ].

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Using hypnosis for happiness is a wonderful strategy. This powerful modality for change will place you on a happier path in life. Certain thought patterns both in your conscious mind and in your subconscious mind may be keeping you from experiencing all the happiness that life has to offer.

The benefits of using hypnosis for your golf game include: Immediate and lasting confidence in your golfing ability. Overcome any performance anxiety you feel during golf.

No need to wait any longer to improve your golf game! It’s time now for you to give an edge to your golf game! You have nothing to lose except a few strokes off your game.

Improve your golf with Andrew Fogg, the Golf Hypnotist - a fanatical golfer, golf psychologist, hypnotist, NLP master and author of books and MP3 programmes About the Golf Hypnotist.

I am a golf psychologist using hypnosis and NLP in personal face-to-face sessions and a practicing clinical hypnotherapist.

Using hypnosis to improve your golf

I’ve also published a book. The 'Great Golf' self hypnosis audio program by Barrie St John uses advanced hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to improve your golf swing, golf putting and more.5/5(4). Self-hypnosis Golf Bracelet and hypnosis Cds are designed to expedite your golf instruction.

Save time, money, and strokes using our inexpensive self-hypnosis golf products. Keep out destructive behavior while you control stress and anger.

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