Writing assignments on respect for human

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Writing assignments on respect for human

Human Resources Management Assignment Introduction In an organization, employees are the ones who are responsible for carrying out work activities involved in operational process. It is the key job of managers and HR professionals to organize the employees in order to bring effectiveness in their performances.

This can be done only if the employees are viewed as invaluable assets and not just machines. Considering employees as assets is an integral part of modern HRM and human capital management.

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In the absence of good human resources, an organization cannot build a good team of working professionals. HRM advices the management how employees can be managed strategically as business resources. Differentiate between personnel management and human resource management giving examples in two suitable organizations Basis for Differentiation Human Resource Management Definition Personnel Management is the approach which is concerned with management of manpower and their relationship with the organization.

Example, PM is followed generally in small size organizations such as Archipelago Restaurant, London Human Resource Management is the approach which is concerned with optimum use of manpower to achieve the objectives of an organization effectively.

Armstrong and Taylor, Approach and Focus It is traditional in nature where manpower is treated as resource. It follows modern outlook to build manpower where they are treated as assets.

Function Routine function is followed by employees in Archipelago Restaurant with less scope of any challenges at work. Strategic function is followed in Harrods with tactical decisions undertaken to cope with challenges.

Task delegation Task is delegated in a generalised manner. Employees in Archipelago Restaurant handle multiple roles with no clear specialization. Task is delegated as per specialization of manpower.

Example, in Archipelago Restaurant critical decisions are taken by management only who are founders. Armstrong and Taylor, Decisions are taken by engaging employees and analysing the different aspects of skills gaps and scope for improvement. Examples, in Harrods different forums are present where employees can voice their opinions or concerns regarding any decision or change.

Classification Job is classified by involving only individual teams Job is classified by integrating different cross functional teams Role of Management Management performs transactional role to deal with employees.

Management performs transformational role to deal with employees.

writing assignments on respect for human

Basis for Compensation Compensation is based on role and responsibilities. Compensation is linked to performance.

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Communication Communication between employees and management is carried out indirectly leading to poor job satisfaction and analysis of employee needs. Communication between employees and management is emphasised directly which build positive satisfaction and understanding in employees.

Armstrong and Taylor, 1. Assess how human resource management functions help your chosen organization in achieving its purpose The HRM functions practised at Harrods helps in achieving the organizational purposes by effectively distributing and controlling the various managerial and operational activities.

This effectiveness of the functions can be assessed as: The HRM functions include identifying and assessing the current manpower inventory and forecasting future need for coping with purposes of Harrods and demands in market. According to this Harrods plan and organise activities such as recruitment, promotion and transfers etc to fill the requirements.The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue.

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